30 Days 30 Shirts

You would think living in an RV your wardrobe would be pretty minimalist and it is, relatively! If you had seen my closet pre-RV it was just stupid, I could probably do a 365 Days 365 Shirts challenge. I’ve purged and purged and re-purged so many times over the past 2 years preparing for our downsize in to the RV and also the past year along our journey. But the reality is I still have more than I need.

The challenge is I have at least 30 T-shirts and tank tops. I don’t have to “dress” for work so T’s and tanks are my daily uniform, at least in the warmer months. We are headed West to visit some national parks soon and I know I will be tempted to buy their cool shirts. So in preparation for these eminent new purchases I need to make some room.

I’m encouraging you all to play along with me. It’s easy, just wear a shirt, wash it and don’t put it away, instead make 2 piles. One pile is for the ones you love and the other pile is for the not so much love Shirts. At the end of the 30 days re-visit the shirts and re-evaluate if you can put some in the go pile or if you maybe really missed one in the other.

My goal is to cut my collection in half, but a third would be satisfying as well. Up until now I have not regretted purging one item from my life over the past 2 years. But now that my very favorites are left this may cut a little deeper. Honestly it’s harder for me to purge my kids clothes than my own. Their 30 Days 30 Shirts challenge may be next.

Hope this inspires a few of you to shed some weight from your life that doesn’t bring you joy. Please post pics and leave feedback as much as possible. I will be posting daily pics on our Instagram page which also uploads directly to our TRAILin Facebook page, please subscribe to these to keep up with daily entries. Also check in on our YouTube page cause I foresee a few video entries as well. I’ll will write a follow up blog post when this has ended i’ll give you the good, bad and ugly deets on how it went. Even if your wardrobe isn’t in need of an overhaul at the moment you may know someone who could use a little help and encouragement, please share this with them!

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