Implosion of a Shelf

While we travel we encounter a lot of bumpy roads which sometimes lead to things not holding up well inside our home on wheels. One of these such instances was one of our built in storage shelf cabinets. One day when I went to retrieve some thing out of it I had discovered that the base of it had imploded. These cabinets are not very user friendly because they are very deep. They are made this way I suppose because they are the depth of the couch they are next to and double as a side table. Since we removed the couch these became kinda more of a nuisance then a usable addition to our home.

At the same time I discovered this implosion we were also removing book shelf that was also at the point of implosion and needed to come up with a plan for its replacement. Realizing even if we were going to simply fix the imploded base the only way to do so was to take off the side pho-wood panel. Since it’s stapled on like everything else in an RV it was easy to remove. Once off we realized we could build up a secondary shelf and reuse the panel for extra base and trim work.

We love the finished result. Love being able to access everything in this shelf easily. There is also another one of these shelf/cabinets on the other side of the wall which may be another project in our future. 
We also purchased a new table and chairs. We have never liked the pedestal table that came with our RV. It was heavy and the top came wobbly more than not when we traveled.

We love this new Ingatorp IKEA table we got that has folding sides.We also got 2 IKEA folding chairs and it’s so much easier on travel days to secure them. Simply fold and put under the table. We love IKEA, check out our IKEA post about all the RV friendly items we love, IKEA: Why RVers love it!

If you have never been to IKEA than you don’t know of all the awesomeness that it entails. Its one thing to just buy something online but the store itself is an adventure. We’ve been to several across the US and its pretty uncanny how they are all set up exactly the same. I know I know lots of stores do this, but they do it consistently. It really irks me to go into a superstore thinking I can find the product I’m seeking and not only have they relocated it but it is not carried at that said location. We love IKEA for this and so much more and here is why.

Here is a quick video of finished shelf

Also check out a full tour of our 2016 Grand Dedign Refection 367bhs

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