This page is a little review of TRAILs we have taken, hope this info will benefit you and your families adventure!

East Palisades Trail – Sandy Springs, GA

Level of difficulty – easy to moderate

This hike is nestled inside Atlanta’s North West city perimeter along the banks of the Chattahoochee river.  It has 2 different parking options and depending on the type of hike your looking for, you will want to make sure you park in the correct one. Whitewater Creek Trail parking will be at sea level with the river so you get out of your car and pretty immediately you are hiking along it. This parking area typically I’ve found is not easily located when you look up info about this trail. They usually will Pin the other which I call the Indian Trail parking cause that’s the street it’s off of. It starts <several hundred feet> higher and you will hike a good while down before you reach the river.  This is a steep trail so for younger hikers the level of difficulty may be greater. Keep in mind you will have to hike this back up to exit or similar incline of a trail depending on where you exit.
Once on either trail you will find many useful trail maps leading you through over 3 miles in woods and along the river. I’ve hiked this trail for over a decade and I can tell you from experience when there is a lot of leaves on the ground the trail may become  less reassuring. Me and hiking partners over the years have questioned if we’ve taken the right turn and lots of times did not. But the good and bad news is it’s a pretty popular trail so you will run into people pretty often who can help!

Parking is $3 cash which you leave in an envelope in collection box or $35 for an annual National Recreational Area pass.  There is no front gate so you will need exact change. Don’t think about not paying this because I have personally seen park rangers writing tickets there. Plus your fee goes to all sorts of good keeping these trails up and running.


Fort Yargo State Park – Winder, GA

Fort Yargo is located 45 min North East of metro Atlanta along the banks of 260 acre Fort Yargo lake.  This area includes camping, swimming, disc golf, fishing, boating and 18 miles of mountain biking, running & hiking trails.  We chose the easy nature hike trail on our first visit out to get a good feel for what the park had to offer.  Its an easy flat dirt path can be navigated with a stroller or wagon if need be.  Along the path there are many informative posts educating you about the local wildlife and its even provided in braille which I thought was a very nice touch.  We walked along the lake as well as several creeks and though the forest.  I highly recommend this trail for new hikers, its short, flat, scenic and accommodating for any age group.

After our hike we settled down for lunch and for some fishing at one of their many fishing areas.  They are scattered through out the park and have picnic tables and lots of shade for a long afternoon of fishing.  We caught a bunch of Blue Gill, saw a few turtles and a snake in the water as well.

Parking is $5 paid for at front near the visitors center in a cash drop box.

Anna Ruby Falls, Unicoi State Park – Helen GA


































Tallulah Falls – Habersham, GA


Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, GA





High Falls State Park – Jackson, GA




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