Wants vs needs can be a very fine line at times. Some people simple want and need different things. Having never owned an RV or traveled extensively we were not sure what our wants and needs would be. But we did do our research and got a feel for where other families who full-timed in an RV drew their line between the two.

OK so buying a new RV there are many need items that are not included. Just to be clear this is only our want list, I will follow up with a link to our need list in the near future. We also included items for our Truck as well since we never owned a truck before and it’s really an extension of your living space with the RV fulltiming lifestyle. We bought a used 2010 Ford F350 Super Duty Dulley Long-bed.

There are so many gadgets and upgrades that can make your RV life more comfortable and streamlined when traveling. Also some people in general are more organized in their living environment so storage needs and wants will differ for many. The size of your rig and family, as well as the location you feel you’ll be traveling around in too.

Our wants are based on a family of four with young children, no pets, enjoy outdoor activities and adventures, follow warmer weather climates, like an organized environment and also run a family business out of our RV. Nothing on these lists were items we owned prior to purchasing our new RV.

Besides the following list we also will provide you with our list of items purchased at IKEA. Check back for updated link!

The following items are all linked to our TRAILin Amazon Affiliates account where we receive a small percentage from your purchase at no cost to you. Thank you for following and supporting our families adventure.

You can also check out a video of the first day we picked up our Grand Design Reflection 2016 367bhs before all these wants were added! Please subscribe to our YouTube page, we need more follower to gain the coveted access to a legit http:// name!

Dishes & Cooking

  1. CORELLE – Winter Frost White Dishes

2. InstantPot Slowcooker glass lid


  1. ENO straps
  2. ENO Bug Net
  3. ENO Doublenest Hammock
  4. ENO pillow
  5. Hammock stand

TRUCK accessories

  1. Phone mount
  2. Running boards
  3. Yakima cross bars
  4. Q-clips
  5. Yakima Q Towers set
  6. Sports rack bike mount
  7. Yakima Windshield
  8. Bike rack for ladder
  9. Bench seat console 
  10. Back seat storage
  11. Walkie Talkies

Kid Accessories

  1. Kidz Gear headphones
  2. Headphone splitter adapter
  3. Fan with Clips 


  1. Berkey Water Filtration System
  2. Berkey Spigot
  3. Set of 2 extra filters


  1. Shower head
  2. Shower head holder


  1. Cuisinart Tabletop Grill 
  2. Grill hose adapter
  3. Grill Cover

RV Misc.

  1. Screen door bar 
  2. States Map 
  3. Cargo carrier #1
  4. Cargo carrier #2
  5. Ladder/chair rack
  6. Awning anchor kit
  7. Generator cover
  8. Guitar hanger wall mount
  9. Spice rack clips
  10. Outdoor solar lights 

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Thanks for your support!

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