Relocating your home takes some practice and patience. Since we’ve been traveling we have moved a couple dozen times. I’m pretty confident in our moving day routine at this point. My husband takes care of all exterior details while I concentrate on the inside.

In this video you will see what our RV looks like inside right before we pull our slides in to move. Many things get taken down or off of from where they live while stationary. But, you’ll be very surprised how much also stays right where it is. It’s been a big lesson in trial and error. Sometimes we loose this experiment!

Hope you enjoy this inside sneak peek and we planย to show you a more detailed video soon regarding all the things we’ve changed since we bought our RV so stay toned!

Hope you enjoy the videoย

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One thought on “Moving Day

  1. We have the same routine.. I do outside and my wife takes care of the inside. our current rig doesnt have slides so that will be a new thing for us to deal with. safe travels


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