We packed up our rig all confident that we were ready for the next 4 nights of boondocking that we had set up via Harvest Hosts. We were traveling from Dallas to Palm Springs to stay at our first Thousand Trails membership RV spot and had 5 days to make it in time. However because our rig is trying to fight its boondocking destiny we had a few detours in our itinerary.

Our first Harvest Host stay over was at an airplane museum on an active runway. We arrived after they had closed and gone home for the day but they gave us great instructions where to park and access their 15w plug. It was on the runway side and we were a bit nervous that there would be noise from the planes over night but we were pleasantly surprised that there was not. All the over night noise was from a next door steel supplier who loaded trucks all night and they decided to idle right next to us instead of the 100 thousand other places they could had done so, grrrr!

In the morning we headed south toward El Paso, TX for our next overnight boondock stop. Traveled all day through a long stretch of pretty bare land except for what seemed to be a bunch of coal refineries. The towns surrounding these areas were filled with RV parks as far as the eye could see. This was the only time we’ve ever seen such a sight, cool and kinda crazy. Made it to our location which was a petting zoo and dairy farm about a stone throw from the Mexican border and it was great! The family was very friendly and the kids loved the zoo.

Now this is where our boondocking dreams crumbled.

The next day we took the mail to local post office before hooking back onto the RV. When hubs returned he said he heard a not so awesome noise coming from the truck. He also informed me the furnace was not working ,that’s why it was so cold. We decided he go to a local chain auto repair shop to hopefully fix said noise, and they did (kinda). EIGHT hours later he returned, we froze our butts off all day due to rain and wind outside and no heat. With truck fixed but no heat from propane powered furnace we decided it would be best to find a place to hook up for the night to be able to use space heaters and fireplace.

We realized we really had to scrap the following few nights left in our boondocking trip due to cold over night temps forecast and not knowing how to fix our heat issue. We scrambled some last minute nightly stays together and reached our Palm Springs, CA destination as scheduled. Although our plans were derailed the scenery made up for it, the drive through Southern Texas through New Mexico and Arizona on I-10 was awesome. We made it out of Texas, but not with out some drama.  Excited to spend our Winter in Southern Cali and soak up some sun and warm weather, or so we hope!

To be continued….

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