We made a last minute decision to swing through New Orleans on our way to Texas. A couple of great campsites are in the area and we decided to stay at the Fountainebleau State Park on the North end of Lake Pontchartrain.  It’s a large park, quiet and has a great lake accessible water area. We unfortunately did not get to take advantage of the lake!

So when staying at this park you can choose an improved lot or not improved lot, of course there’s a price difference.

Being cheap we went with the unimproved lot and paid the price!

We pull up along side our lot and it’s just laughable. Just a patch of dirt would had been a vast improvement over this slab of busted up concrete type I don’t know what kind of material they had on the ground. I don’t even know how to explain it so a pic will pretty much have to sum it up. 

We are parked, hubs goes around the side to throw the chucks under the wheels and comes back hopping on one foot, he twisted his ankle!  He tripped over a piece of unlevel whatnot and fell off the 1 foot ledge of the pad. Fudge, mother fudging fudge!!!!  Not what you want to happen the day before your planning on walking around New Orleans. 

I immediately got him a chair, ice pack and ibuprofen and with his verbal walk through I set up camp. I’ve been watching him do it for months so this was my first hands on attempt, I did good! We were hoping his ankle was just a minor thing but unfortunately it was a full on sprain. Swelling & bruising, he kept it elevated the rest of the day and wore a foot sleeve brace for compression. Luckily it’s not his driving foot so we did drive around the park at sunset which was fantastic. Would had been even better if he could had walked out to the lake to watch it. 

Next day it’s still sprained but he insists we are going to New Orleans. From where we are at the park it’s about a 45 min drive. We choose to take the causeway across and man it’s a long long long bumpy ride, however we drove around the lake on our return. We got a lead on a nearby parking lot that is said to be truck accommodating and close to all the stuff. Well it was truck friendly, just not really Dulley truck friendly, but where is? We normally take up 2 spots or spill out into the aisle so this was no exception. We just crossed our fingers we wouldn’t get booted, we didn’t!

The parking lot was literally a block from the main drag of the French Quarter. For a midweek, off season, morning it was hopping with tourists. The sights, smells and music were just fantastic. Every other street it either smelled really really good or really really bad. There were so many amazing musicians playing, people painting and random people taking naps on sidewalks blocking your path!

For lunch we decided on Cafe Du Monde, how could you not stop there? So beignets for lunch it was, OMG they just melt in your mouth. The whole waiter situation at the cafe is a treat too. We got to watch a little behind the scenes of how they make & pick up their orders while we waited in line for the only bathroom which is kinda in their kitchen. 

We wanted to see everything but the combo of the ankle and a 4 just turned 5 yr old who usually rely’s on the injured party to carry her when tired made for a tricky situation. We heard the Garden district trolley was cheap and a great way to see the city so we walked 20 min in the wrong direction to eventually find the stop to get on it. And I’m not kidding about the 20 min, hubs was not getting correct info from his maps app and we walked way out of our way. I felt so bad for him, but the hour and a half trolley ride was a nice respite.

The Garden district trolley, also known as the St. Charles line (the green trolley) was really great and cheap, $1.25 one ride or $3.00 for a day pass. We opted for the day pass cause we saw that we could connect two more times which would put us back a block from our truck and avoid walking. The green trolley line takes you through this district of historic humongous mansions. You will also pass by Tulane and Loyola University and the Audubon Zoo Gardens. If we were more mobile that day would had gotten off and explored those but we can plan that next time. Hubs and I have been to the city many times in the past so it was just enough to give the girls a taste of its greatness.

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