If you’ve never heard of Stone Mountain it’s this geological phenomenon located in Atlanta, GA that is realy quite surreal. Besides being a natural beauty filled with history both good and bad there is so much to do and see for every kind of person and lifestyle. Living in Atlanta we utilized most of all that the Mountain had to offer. Hiking, fishing, history museums, train rides, adventure passes, laser show, tram ride to the top as well as walking up and down. We started camping there with tents a few years back but had never stayed in an RV there. We thought lets spend a week there with our new home and do one last hangout in our hometown before shoving out West.

First things first, the first few mornings were cold, like in the 50’s which we hadn’t experienced since late Spring and it felt so good. We’ve been sweating for about 4 months so this change in temp was a welcoming change.

We went from having no plans to too many plans, not uncommon. Hometown stay meant wanting to see everyone and also enjoy Stone Mountain in our RV. We arrived on a Friday and our lot was kinda unlevel, but so we’re all of them. It took about 2 hours and several repositioning tries to decide that being almost level would just have to be good enough, plus the park was packed so relocating wasn’t even an option. The same night we arrived another family pulled in around 9ish so it was dark. I offered some light assistance from our truck and after briefly chatting discovered they had just moved out of their house into their RV that day and became Fulltimers!  Pretty sure the Universe was looking out for them by placing them next to us.

The following day was great we had friends over for dinner and hit up the infamous laser show at night. I’ve been going to that thing for over a decade and not much has changed and that’s why I love it. Just a reminder the Snow Mtn structure is set up and taken down in the spring/Fall so that takes up half the lawn. Good info if your meeting friends and tell them you’ll be sitting toward the top, cause this time of year that place is no more.  The following day was a whirl wind cause we had our friend/Elli’s speech therapist come out in the morning for a quick evaluation and visit then we were off to meet more friends at lunch time to do all the adventure pass fun!  Train ride, putt-putt, ropes course, tram to the top of the rock and then some. A fun filled packed day to say the least.

The rest of the week we had friends who stayed at the campgrounds a few days near by and it worked out great. We invited even more friends to come out for dinner and had a blast. After everyone left we had 2 days left to kinda chill and do nothing, well kinda. We fished, played at the playground and hiked up the mountain! FYI if you haven’t been to their playground this year it’s new and realy cool. I know I know, the old wooden one rocked too, However they actually relocated the old one to the campgrounds so now you can enjoy them both!

The week really flew by and as sad as we are to say goodbye all our friends and family we are excited to push off our West and explore. This East coast swing was our soft launch cause we were familiar territory. Can’t wait to see how our families adventure plays out in the unknown.

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One thought on “Stone Mountain

  1. We really like Stone Mountain. Need to go back with the kids… We have never stayed at their campground either, but heard really good things about it. Thanks for sharing! 😀


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