Well that’s the whole point of doing this, to live life as though there is nothing to escape from. My husband said while we were discussing life that

“It feels like we’re on vacation!”

Plus we’re at the beach and we have always gone to the beach for our family vacations. When you pull kids out of school and begin homeschooling there is a time period called deschooling. It’s a grace period where you let them settle in and don’t really hold any expectations for a bit of time so they can adjust to their new norm. I feel like this is his deschooling or rather deworking grace period.  The girls and I have had our rhythm of sorts for a long time and we too are adjusting to our new norm. But his transition is a bit more drastic and I hope he can soak it up and enjoy.

So we left South Carolina last week and have been on the Georgia coast. We spent 2 days at Skidaway State Park and it was beautiful.  The lots were big and well kept and you were basically in a Forrest with Spanish moss dripping on you everywhere, it was kinda magical. Our first night there was a Harvest Moon and we took a lovely hike to the attached March to watch the sunset and try to get a glimpse of what my kids called the punkin moon. Sadly we were not in a good angle to watch it’s rise but we did see it later when it was still huge, just not a punkin.


The next day we visited a near by marina that also had a picnic area and swimming beach. We originally thought we were going to fish and paddle board but there was too much Eco life to explore. The crabs were insane, gazillions of them. We also got to help a local guy retrieve shrimp from his bait net which the girls loved and we now own one to do the same, cause it’s so cool and fun!  The next morning before we headed out the Rangers had a reptile feeding and it was as fantastic. Watched snakes, turtles and alligators eat and learned so much.
We only relocated a few short miles across the marsh to the coast of Savannah on Tybee Island at the Rivers End RV/campgrounds. We have been going to the island for over a decade but never camped there and were excited to go so. We arrived w/o any drama, set up camp and headed to the beach. The 3 short blocks they claim you can walk to the beach is a bit of a stretch. It’s more like 3 long blocks then a cut through a large parking lot, then the long bridge to get to the beach. So maybe more like a 20 min walk would be more accurate!  It wouldn’t had mattered except for the 4 yr old and they are not particularly awesome after long stays at beach then long walks home in the heat when sandy. Let’s just say we didn’t walk there again. We figured out a way to ride bikes with all our beach crap.


Our whole week on Tybee flew buy with lots of bike rides and beach trips. We got a bunch of stuff checked off our to-get list with a trip to Bass Pro, Walmart and Auto Zone. Girls played with kids daily staying at the park and Elli worked on Skateboarding everyday. She was also able to do a drop in class with 4H run by UGA with a field trip to the beach to explore beach ecology. The weather was hot hot hot but the pool and beach kept us cool.


One of the main reasons we took this first stay along the GA coast was due to the family timeshare we get to enjoy every fall on Tybee. This next week we actually go on vacation and store the RV for week while we stay at a condo on the beach. Tune in next week to see how week 2 on Tybee Island shakes out.

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