Ok now that we are on the road official let’s talk about all the fun stuff we did!  We stayed at James Island Co. Park in Charelston, SC for a week and it couldn’t had been a better starting off point for our family. The park had so much fun nature based activities such as biking, kayaking, paddleboarding, wall climbing, fishing, frisby golf and a great playground and slash pad. It’s a super easy ride to Folly beach and although you are surrounded by every creature commercial comfort you could need right outside its enterance you would never know its there while you were chilling at you RV site.

We were close to family and got to enjoy their company all week and swim at their house, go out to eat and visit at the beach. The beach was perfect, the weather in September was still super humid hot in the 90’s and the ocean temps were so comfortable. We worried about parking our beast of a truck at the breach cause parking is mostly off street and parallel parking it would not be easy. All 3 days we went we found end of the road large parking spots and had zero issues pulling it in, and it was free!

After Charleston we moved down south a bit to Edisto Beach. I had always heard great things about it. Basically a private beach that not many visit compared to near by beaches, not a very big beach town. The shells are supposed to be the big attraction and they were not kidding.
So we had to pack up in the rain for the relocation, both of us wore our swim trunks cause it did not look like any chance of it being dry at all that day. We had zero issues pulling out of our lot, yea!  We arrived in the dark and left in a thunderstorm. However what I thought was a thunderstorm was actually a tropical storm. Someone wasn’t paying attention to the bigger picture on the weather app, oops!

After an afternoon layover at Costco we h added to Edisto during the peek of  tropical storm Julia circling over us, it had stalled out on top of our RV:(. We had to make a mad dash to our truck and RV in a complete downpour. Imagine the very furthest point of a Costco parking lot from the front door and that’s where we were parked. But when we first rolled into the parking lot a family came up to us to mention that they too were Fulltime RVers and wanted to take a pic of our bike rack on top of our truck, that was a nice treat!

Ok so we pull into Edisto Beach State Park  and it’s still a tropical storm outside, literally. The lot number they had us in was not doable even in good weather conditions. They gave us 2 other spots to check out and they worked out way better, plus a view of the actual ocean. The RV was a rockin and rollin all day and through the overnight. The weather had for sure settled down by daybreak. Girls and I went for a stroll on the beach.

This beach is known for its sea shells and it did not disappoint. It’s hard to say how much of it is as the storm bringing more to shore or if it was biz as usual. Man there was just huge whole seashells everywhere. Our bucket filled up fast and was heavy. I found a whole sand dollar that was not alive so I could keep it!  My daughter found a really interesting shell that had spots like a giraffe or leopard. We first thought it was perhaps a turtle egg shells since they had protected dunes on this beach. Later with a little googling we discovered it was a part of a leopard crab shell. Turtle egg shells are soft, who knew, do now!

While taking pics back at our site of our haul I had stepped in one of the dozens of ant hills that appeared out of nowhere after the storm. I got bit about a dozen times, been there done that. But sometimes my body decides to over react, this was one of them.  About 10 minutes after the bites I started to feel fuzzy, lightheaded, rapid heartbeat and extremely hot. Pretty sure I was lucid or passed out while waiting for my hubs and daughter to arrive back from the beach, I text alerted them I was going down. My face was on fire, I kept putting ice packs on it. After I felt a bit more normal I slept pretty much the whole day, getting up here and there to hang out with family who came to visit. It was not my best health day, I struggled to do anything but lay down and rest. Oh and the entire day we were infested with love bugs! Like a the wrath of the locust after the storm, it was insane.


All in all Edisto was a bust but we will be back for sure, I can see its potential!  Watching the ocean from your window does not suck. The town is super duper small and I love that about it. I’d take that over all the places to eat and shop at any day! One small warning, the water from the hook-up is salty so bring in your own. I was warned and even told my hubs and he decided to chance it and it was what I was warned about. We drank out of bottled water the whole time which I hate all that waste.


Thanks for the memories South Carolina,we had a blast!  Couldn’t had asked for a better first Fulltiming on the road trip!  We will always swing through the Coastal SC area cause our family lives near by. Plus it’s just gorgeous and lots to see and enjoy.

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