It’s official, we are in the thick of Full-timing in an RV. So much has happened this week I don’t even know where to start. Lots of highs and lows and everywhere in-between.

We got to spend our last weekend in the Mountains with family and went jet skiing, swimming, camp Labor Day luau, had a camp fire (first one of the Summer we weren’t sweating at) and went back to our daughters favorite rib place, Rib Country!

So packing up the RV wasn’t too difficult, we put pretty much everything away or down low that was sitting out. The day we exited took about 3-4 hrs to get everything ready to launch. Hubs did great with pulling out of our campsite only to be stuck in a traffic jam only a few short miles along due to a wreck!  We headed to a weight station first and got that task squared away, let’s just say the numbers were not happy, to be continued…

We were able to fit our rig in our parents driveway, good to know. Fun fact, we have had zero pest control issues all Summer inside our rig in the tree filled rain forest like climate in North GA. 12 hours in the suburbs and we had ants everywhere, what the bleep? I put a few drops of DoTerra peppermint essential oil on a dozen cotton balls and spread them around the rig and by the time we got to our next camp spot they were all gone, witchcrafery for the win!

Ok, so our official launch day was not as smooth as the previous soft launch the day before. I was up at 5:30am to fit in an emergency dentist appointment at 7:30. Well there was a car fire on the highway and it took me 2hrs in morning commute traffic to get to my appointment 30 min late. My Dentist office is so amazing they were still able to fix me up. Dr. Cann Dentistry is amazing in Atlanta, GA if your ever looking for a holistic gentle dentist.

I was back home by 9:45 and was in go mode to get us going. It was time to pull our slides in and the mid-bunk would not retract. It came in a few inches and would go wonky and just stop. I immediately got on my Grand Design Facebook group to see about help. We watched a few suggested YouTube videos and apparently our motors were not in sync. We had to do a manual over ride then a re-syncing and the slide finally went in, 2 hours later! At one point I thought the day was a total loss and would be calling out a tech to look at it, pushing back our launch!

“We left after lunch and the ride itself went great, only a few dozen are we there yets!”

We made 2 stops at trucker gas stations. Once to weigh the rig at the “pin” (again, to be continued…) and a pee/snack break and again for gas and dinner. Completely forgot the sun was not setting at 9pm anymore and while driving through Charleston we were losing light fast. At 7:45 we finally pulled into our campground and checked in. My hubs backed into his first RV spot in the dark, rock star!!

I got the RV unpacked and in semi livable condition after parking in about 45 min, while enjoying a tasty beverage. Hubs worked on all the hook ups outside. 2 things that didn’t get done that first night, the Black tank hose was not close enough to the pipe to fit on and we could not get the RV level. Both things we addresses in the am and there was no issues waiting until then to address them. It was so good to wake up and see how perfect our new RV spot was.

So we did it, Launch was a success!  Had its bumps along the way but it’s in the past and they were lessons learned. Our week has been so exhaustingly filled with so many fun adventures here in the low country, I think I’ll wait until next week to catch you all up on them.


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