Hi there, remember us?  You may have noticed we took a little break during August. But happy to report we are back and gearing up for a big week. Labor Day is Monday and it’s moving day. Technically we don’t have to be out of our current location until Tuesday but we rearranged our plans some so Monday is our official launch day!

So here’s the low down, we have been in the same spot since we bought our RV in June. This week we tested all the slides to make sure they all still work and have adequate clearance. We still don’t know how much all the stuff we’ve filled this rig with weighs so that will be our first stop after we pull out, truck stop weigh station. Our next leg of the adventure is in Charleston, about a 5 hr drive from us if we were in a car doing 75. Taking into consideration we need to hit the truck stop to weigh it first and that we don’t know what we’re doing we are thinking this leg of the trip will take double the time.

OK, with the prospect of our travel day being 10 hrs long we decided to split up the journey. Our parents house is about 2 hrs from us and we figured we could hit the truck stop then head to their house. This would make for an easy short inaugural first trip.  We can get a look inside of it and see what needs to be secured more, practice backing up with our new back-up camera and all that fun stuff. From this location it would normally be a 4 hr trip but again sense we gots no clue about pulling RVs and all these kinda things it will be closer to 6-7, which is better then the original 10 hr tour.

We have purchased all the wants/needs we think we have to have for this next leg of the trip. The last few items were things like bike racks, cargo racks, ladder racks and chains/locks to secure them all. We washed the rig sense it sat under a large tree all Summer in a rainforest like climate, it was pretty knarley up on the roof. Tanks have been cleaned, purging of final items have been made and I’m sure there is much more purging in our future.

I feel like we are NASA conducting a systems check before we launch.

Next weeks post is gonna be a big one so make sure you check back in for our big launch update. Subscribe if you haven’t already to make sure you don’t miss anything. I do post almost daily in our Facebook page so please “like” us if you haven’t and stay up to date with our TRAIL!


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