Switch out the Tr for an F, cause that how this week feels.

Roadblock after roadblock seems to be the consistent theme this week, especially with our truck hunt. We were all prepared to make a trip to a neighboring state to look at one and upon calling to doublecheck it was still there and we were told it was out for inspection with no known day to be due back. I never thought buying the truck would result in a bigger headache then the RV. House closing is next week, hubs can’t quit job until we have this truck cause banks need a house and or jobs to give out loans. It’s a never ending cycle and something has to give!!

We also ran into problems with our garbage company. We scheduled a pick-up of our old mattresses. You call the day before your pick up day and they will send a separate truck around to get them. Well my husband swung by the house several days after this was due to take place and they were all still there. I called to inquire and was told it was my fault for not reporting it right away so they could not send out another truck in time to get these mattresses taken away before new alleged house closing. Basically they are saying it’s our fault they missed our pick up, ain’t that some amazing logic?  So hubs and his dad went to haul them off to a dump and pay a fee.  Should we send the garbage company the bill?

And to top it all off the girls dentist appt didn’t go well and now they both have a few cavities and a possible additional dental work. Have to get initial consult from a different dentist and get the procedures done all before we no longer have said insurance.  It’s just too much and I’m over adulting this week, did it for 4 solo days with kids and I’m about to explode. Kids appointment and house closing are same day, send me all your spare juju stat!

Silver lining where are you when I need you?

Hoping next weeks post will be all about the house closing going well, buying a truck, hubs putting 2 weeks notice in and dental treatments all finished!!  If only I could fast forward 7 days!

Here is Elli giving no Trucks:)

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