Dang suburbia doesn’t want to release its grip on us quite yet. The Real Estate/Bank and Loans industry is such a scam, I may never buy a house again, or at least never sell one again. Super frustrating that 24 hrs before closing the appraiser finally shows up to look at what needed fixing for loan approval. Shortly after we get an extension email to push back closing 2 weeks. Man if you know that sending an appraiser out 24 hrs before closing will not result in the actual closing the next day why not reschedule as soon as possible?  We had a day off work specifically scheduled as well as childcare lined up.  Grrrr, I may have swore at our realtor a handful of times on the phone. I am as nice as apple pie when it comes to business until you mess with me one too many time. My Southern charm quickly turned to my New York roots and all the sassy attitude came flowing out. 

Well our plans to get all the things vacated out of the house did not change. We had already set up utilities to turn off the day after closing so staying in the house would mean several phone calls and it wasn’t worth it. Girls and I are officially Fulltime in the RV while hubs is commuting back and forth to work from his parents house which is closer. He will give his 2 weeks notice once the house is officially sold.

While trying to think of the lesson or bright side the Universe may be trying to throw us with all this we are grateful for the additional 2 weeks and here is why. We still need a truck to pull our beast of an RV. We need to haul 16k lbs around and be able to stop 16k lbs in a timely manner when going over mountains.  We are buying used and want to finance. However banks usually like collateral like houses and jobs to hand out low interest rates. So this is our silver lining, use extra time to get this truck purchased. We were being pretty picky with our wants and needs but since time is short we’ve opened up our minds a bit. We need a Dulley, crew cab, long bed, 4.1, regardless of our make and model wants thoseare the needs without question. 

Girls and I visited a near by waterfall today, this is why we are doing what we are doing!  It was so amazing and I love watching them explore and enjoy nature.

This weekend we have some big plans, I  made a trip to Ikea yesterday and purchased some furniture. We will be turning this rig inside out over the next few days. Stay tuned to next weeks post to hear and see all the pics!

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