We picked up our RV and had a family member help us haul it up to the RV park we will be staying at for at least another month in North Georgia. Everything went pretty seamless.  My husband bought a power cord for the rig to connect us and get us energy. When he went to plug it in he had the wrong size. Luckily when he looked in the under storage he saw that the RV came with its own. It was on our listing of things to buy to prep for our new RV so not sure why it was in there unless it was their mistake. Either way I’m happy it was resolved quickly. 

Oh and on my second trip up to the RV I realized I did not have the key to open the RV, just one of the exterior storage. That was a major bummer, hubs had to drive up during Friday night rush hour holiday weekend traffic to deliver it to us, we love him for that!!  We now have 3 extra sets:)

Here are a few pics of the state of our house. Most rooms are night and day, either cleared out or a hot mess. I shot this video in one of my clean rooms cause it’s my happy place at the moment. 

I filmed a rough video with my phone I can share now but plan to unload the official GoPro one soon. Sorry it cuts out before I get to the master bedroom. All my talk of storage in the RV and the storage on my phone ran low and cut off:(((

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