I always think of that movie with Matt Damon, We Bought a Zoo when I hear myself say We Bought an RV!  We love that movie and it’s kinda the same premise, we are looking for a new family adventure.  All the monies have been exchanged, 2 hour tour has been taken, insurance and warranty have been got! Unfortunately it did not come home with us, cause we ain’t got no truck to pull it with or a place to store it, so at the RV dealership it sits!

The tour and the closing paperwork took about 3 and half hours.  The 2 hour tour literally took 2 hours.  I’m guessing if you have owned an RV before it will go a bit faster but for us newbs we needed to know all its ins and outs.  I video taped it so a walk through will for sure be in our future to share with you all.  The paperwork is not as bad but pretty similar to closing on a house.  I’ve never bought a new car before so I cant compare but it may be close to that experience.  While we were there we opted to also get covers for the ceiling vents installed.  Makes sense you would want to be able to use these regardless if it was raining outside and not have to worry about getting rained on.  But also something you would think should just be a standard feature!

Now that we got that one large piece of the puzzle figured out, we really do need to get on the truck and towing it to where logistics figured out. We have put to rest the hunt for the RV and are now actively looking for the truck.  The thing about these 2 purchases is they need to be made while my husband still has a job and we still own our house.  2 key pieces of collateral banks look at when loaning out large chunks of cash.   We just actually secured a site for the next month at our families RV park in North GA.  We figured while waiting for the house to close we can slowly move all the stuff in and get to know our rig, I mean new home a bit better before hitting the open road.

I’m now in a mad dash to get the remaining of our stuff sold or donated so we can get this house officially empty.  Thinking about all the things that will be coming with us I still know we are bringing too much.  My biz supplies will take up a good chunk of storage but besides that all the homeschool/craft/toys are just overwhelming and we already purged so much.  Well the nice thing is having the time to make it all work, I think!

Check out a video of the first day we picked up our Grand Design Reflection 2016 367bhs https://youtu.be/D-61ur4UiZU.

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