Good golly what a week, my head is spinning and I hurt my back.  We bought an RV, well almost!  We made a decision on what we wanted and went back to the dealer where we first toured it, a few over the Internet exchanges with price and in person back and forth and add-on whatnot’s. So with that said we put down a refundable deposit to hold it while we get approved for financing. If all goes as expected we will go sign all the paperwork and do the 2 hr tour next week.

It feels so good to have this decision made and about wrapped up. We’ve been so wishy-washy about which rig would be best for our needs. What I fist thought were must haves turned into I could probably live with-outs. But we won’t really know until we are fully in it if we got the right one, pretty sure we did!

So what were our original must haves?

  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2nd exterior door
  • Washer/drier hook-up
  • Slide in master for bed
  • 2 ac units
  • Bath tub
  • Kids have separate bedroom
  • Larger basement storage
  • Outdoor kitchen

What did we end up with?

  • 1 bathroom
  • 1 exterior door
  • Washer/drier all in 1 vented unit
  • Slide in master for bed
  • 2 ac units
  • Shower no tub
  • Mid bunk w/loft
  • Larger basement storage
  • No outdoor kitchen but a possibility of one due to additional storage space.

What, where and why were there compromises?  No rig fit our exact needs, no matter how much we would pay. I originally wanted 2 exterior doors and baths because I liked the set-up where the half bath where the 2nd door would enter into would double as a mudroom. Not having to track all the outside in while going in to potty sounded nice and clean. We fell in love with the midbunk model which didn’t provide these 2nd options in any company that offered this set up. My level of anxiety is yet to be determined with the level of dirt that will get tracked in on the daily.

We could not find a tub option for any of the midbunk models either. Midbunks are already longer than a lot of RVs out there so putting in a tub means taking away storage. But I may need to weigh this option down the road. I’m a bath taker and my back appreciates these soaks so we shall see, maybe a horse trough will do:) We also compromised on the outdoor kitchen. There are some really nice set-ups but they are more typical in a back bunkhouse model. Our midbunk has an extra exterior storage space that just may be able to pull off the kitchen we were hoping for.

What did we get that we are excited about?  The midbunk is great cause it gives you the 2nd bedroom but also gives you more shared living space. The back of the rig is all living room and kitchen with so much storage, kitchen island, fireplace, pantry, large residential fridge, we are pretty excited about all of it. It also has a bonus room which is called the loft. It’s above the bunkhouse and can double as another sleeping area for our kids, guests or as a playroom and storage. We got a rig that is pre-wired for solar so that will be another possibility to explore if we really start boondocking as much as we think we will. The RV is insulated for all 4 seasons which was also pretty high on our wants list. Most are only 3 season so doing Wintery snow excursions would be chilly, but not for us!

We still have lots of logistics to figure out like where is it going, how will it get there, insurance, when do we start moving our stuff in. But for now it feels good to have this main big decision over with!

Oh ya it was also my 40th birthday this week!  Lots of great surprises, parties and events were celebrated. But best of all was I got an RV for my birthday, that’s just crazy and awesome!!

Check out our video tour of the first day we picked up our Grand Design Reflection 367bhs.

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