Man I’m finding it hard to keep up with this blog. I’m so deep in the thick mucky quicksand of this house selling I can’t think strait. My hubs is off this upcoming week and I’m hoping we can knock a bunch of stuff off our to do lists so I can finally feel like I can breathe. I keep wishing I could fast forward 3 months. Just to get past this selling and buying and launching transition. But by doing that I’m missing the grunt work and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

We still haven’t decided how to list the house and our imaginary listing date is 2 weeks away. If it isn’t clear cut then maybe the imaginary line needs to be reassessed?  I just want to get it listed and go from there. It’s kinda like this blog, as I type I know no one will be reading it as soon as I’m done writing it. The website is not public yet so all of these posts have never been seen by anyone but me. I’m too crazy to launch the site cause I want my vision of its potential to be perfect.

Sooo the whole perfect thing leads me to the hope that once we are free,free of all our stuff and the responsibility that goes along with them that I will be able to breathe. Stop being so caught up in my own head and just breathe.

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