Wowza that as awesome!!!

We went to our first RV show today and loved it. We went without kids so we could really do some research and not spend our time telling the kids to get off of this and that or keep them from running off and melting down. It was a success, we stuck to the models that we think will serve our family the best, 5th Wheel Bunk House and Toy Haulers. We looked in a few Travel Trailers and Class C models just to be sure they would be crossed off our list.

The show was set up by dealers and each of them had an area with several different models. Most were inside but a few were outside. It was slightly confusing and at several points I was turned around. Luckily my hubs has a better sense of direction than I do. There were a few trucks, as well a few smaller pop-up camping trailers. Vendor’s were also peppered throughout trying to sell you their goods and passing out candy!

I already had a few items on my need list so going in to the RV to physically see it was great. Things like 2 toilets, 2 exterior doors, washer/drier hookup, slide out in the master bedroom. Why are these on my list?  The 2 toilet thing is kinda obvious and some may think it’s silly. I have 2 little girls, using Mother Nature to go isn’t as easy for us as it is for boys. The second exterior door is for safety, I’d like one in the 2nd bedroom in case of a fire in the other section of the rig. Also, in most rigs it leads into a half bath or close to it. This way going in and out of the rig to use the potty can happen without going through the living area so you won’t have to remove shoes. Washer drier is important to me cause I don’t want to spend my time hauling clothes back and forth to the campground facilities or at a laundry mat. In my early 20’s I walked 6 blocks to one with my heavy basket and it was annoying and exhausting. We would also like a slide out in the master, it frees up more floor space and makes the room feel roomier.

We were looking for bunk house options and didn’t find too many. We think this show was geared towards retirees so this space was replaced by larger living areas. We did see a few new middle bunk options that were interesting. Seems like the company Forest River is really trying to cater toward family friendly rigs. There were 3 different models we saw that we liked, all with their unique plus and minuses.  Also saw a neat model that had a loft style room above the master in the back of the rig as well as some with porches!

So all in all it was a great visit, not to crowded and we got some good research done. Anyone who hasn’t been in many different style RVs this is a great way to look at a bunch in one space. Saves time from driving from one dealership to the next. Now that we may be narrowing down our options we can find a dealer near by to go to and see if that is the right fit for us. This journey is really starting to feel real and I felt at home in most models we went into. I no longer feel at home in my sticks and bricks so this is all good signs that change is coming!

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