Came across some great info today when researching boondocking. For those of you who are not familiar with the term boondocking it means to park your RV somewhere with any hookups. This means you don’t have unlimited water at your disposal, once you fill up your grey and black tank there is no dump station. Electricity is not as simple as plugging in. You will need a generator, propane and or solar power to have power to keep your fridge running, stove working and any other creature comforts spinning their wheels.

So why would one boondock?  Well for one the cost to have all those creature comforts can get pricey depending on location and season. Some will boondock several times a month to off shoot these costs. Some boondock while traveling to their next destination. Places like Walmart, BassPro Shop, Truck stops and even Cracker Barrel will let you spend the night for free. Most of these places you need to ask the managers for approval and it may not be as cushy as a camp site cause of noise, but at least it was free.

So what is this new found info I was excited about?  Well I had heard that golf courses could be another place to consider when boondocking. I did a little more research last night and actually found a membership club that you can join for a small yearly fee. This club allows you to park your RV at their club for 2 days free and some even have full hook ups.

Why would we choose to boondock at an RV friendly golf course?  Well for 1 our family likes to play golf. Even if the stipulation was you needed to purchase 1 round in-lieu of your stay that would be worth the cost in most cases. I’d much rather pay to park and get in a round of golf at the same time. My oldest daughter likes golf and if we could provide a way to make this into a bigger experience for her this would be a great opportunity.

Looking ahead to our journey I get more and more excited with every new possibility. We for sure plan on boondocking more than not. I like the idea of being able to go where ever when ever and not be held back by things such as water, electricity and the other luxuries we come to depend on. This new found info is exciting and can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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