We just returned from a mini vaca to Chattanooga. Girls asked for cash contributions to do something fun for their birthday and they choose the TN Aquarium. So we return and I had the worst feeling upon returning home. In the past when returning home from a vaca my home always felt amazing. After sharing someone else’s space with someone else at their home or being in a tiny hotel room it always felt great to return home to my space and my things. This time it was just a whole lot of yuck. It felt like so much stuff that I wish was just gone. The house no longer feels big in a good way, it feels big in an overwhelming way. I’m thinking this is a reflection of the transition going on in my life.  The change is coming soon and my head and heart know that it’s time to get to getting up and out and on with our adventure.

So we have told a few more family member this week and again we aren’t still being met with any negativity. No one is over the moon for us but no one is just angry, confused or against it either. I met with a friend for coffee the other day who is ecstatic for us and told me we are living the dream. I responded by telling her that were living our dream, not sure it’s for everyone. Not everyone wants to spend all day with their kids and spouse. We just function as a family better when we are together rather than apart.

This week I’m going to paint the kitchen which is last in my list of rooms to repaint. I figured it would be the hardest cause of taping and painting around and above all the cabinets. I was worried about pulling out the fridge to get behind it however we had explore a stain on the ceiling above it so my hubs pulled it out and it has been in the middle of the kitchen for far longer than my comfort level is comfortable with. But at least now the hole in my ceiling is addressed and I can now access behind the fridge.  After the rooms are painted it will free up time and energy to start focusing on deep cleaning and purging. Painting was my big project while hubs has a couple of his own to address inside and out of the house. 

A house in the neighborhood similar to mine has been up for sale for a few months and it finally went to pending status on Zillow recently and the people moved out. The price they get will be good info when pricing ours. The more money we can get for our house the more we can use to pay down debt and try to buy our rig and truck loan free!



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