So we pulled the Xmas decor out of the attic this week. I forgot that last year I had begun weeding out and pairing down before it was all packed away. I was happily surprised when we opened up the storage bins. Last Xmas RVing wasn’t on my radar but I was getting ready for it to be I guess. I had started minimizing over a year ago unknowing of what the real reason was. I just knew all the stuff was not making me happy. Stuff is what is keeping me from being on the road right now. We are a prisoner to stuff, I want more adventure & less stuff!

This may be our last Xmas in our sticks and bricks and I am really excited about that. Family members have been asking me what I want for Xmas my answer is, nothing. I just don’t need more stuff, gift giving is not my love language. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate them but they usually give me a quick high followed by a fast crash emotionally. I do want a super duper blender such as a Vitamix or Blentec but I don’t expect any one person to gift me that, but monitory donations toward its purchase is welcome!

I’m trying to honor my kids wish list and also think ahead to what type of toys will make the cut on out voyage. Lego’s are a given and we are acquiring a mass of them it seems. My oldest wants a hiking pack and a skateboard which I was super excited about. However I did give into the rather large Barbie RV, but for obvious reasons:). They will get what they need and most likely what they want this year. Once we are in our rig I think it will be easier to reign it in and make them understand the less is more theory.

So my research for this week is supposed to be looking at other RV travel blogs and figuring out how I want ours to look like. Seems like everyone who is computer savvy and full times has a blog. How do we set ourselves apart, how do we enjoy contributing to this community, can we make any money from it?  I would love to find some sponsorship to help fund our journey, as well as a reality tv series. I am a big thinker and dreamer so as far fetched as this may seem it’s pretty normal in my thought process. Big reason I want to set sail on the open road is to experience big adventures. My sedentary lifestyle in suburbia is killing my soul. I need to fly and have always been this way. Motherhood kinda made me reign this instinct in a bit to create a safe and consistent environment for my family. I think we are all ready to take that leap of faith and jump!

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