My attempt at a regular weekly blog was a big fat bust! Β 2 weeks in and I had to skip my second attempt due to a personal injury. So that’s just how this new adventure rocks and rolls I guess. It’s unpredictable and that’s the excitement, at least for me.

So the past 2 weeks I’ve been focusing on my personal business. It’s a jewelry business and recently I’ve added a few new commerce avenues to our list of sales. My goal is to get this business consistently bringing in enough money that our family can live off of and my husbands new career will be bonus money. Eventually we would like my business to be the family business, but for now. So we’ve been taking care of a few pressing jewelry biz issues as well as starting to research future ways ours can possibly be the key to really launching this biz into the big time.

My husbands training in computer coding is wrapping up and he is creating a website to start his portfolio. I’m excited to see where it goes and how creative he gets. In the past he has helped with all my IT needs but I’ve been the brains and creative force behind it all. Will be interesting to see what he comes up with on his own. Besides his new website he is also the co-producer of this one. Without his help, my business, my ideas and passion would not be as accessible as they are. I’m very grateful for all the work he has dedicated to them all.

Something that happened today was the purchase of an RV specific item. It’s Black Friday and an item that is priced higher than I usually like to spend on anything was on super sale so I had to jump on it. If you follow any RV blogs or social media outlets you may have heard of a little kitchen appliance called an InstantPot! Β It’s a pressure cooker and when you have a smaller kitchen and sometimes restricted power the stove/oven can sometimes be unreliable. This gadget is similar to a crockpot but cooks a meal in lightning speed. I bought is before we launch so I could get to know it a little. Get a few meals under my belt before we are off and running. I’m really trying to set myself up for success like this in all areas of my life. Clothing, I’m purging a lot of duplicates, items that will no longer be a necessity and replacing with items I love.

This journey is a fresh start and the journey is going to be as amazing as my dreams allow. I want to surround myself with everything that I love. There’s no reason to bring the ugly pair of pjs I hate or the old socks with holes. Β If I don’t love it, it ain’t coming!!

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