We have been planning and plotting our switch from S&B (sticks and bricks) living to Full-timing in an RV for 7 months now. It was an AHA moment & I had to take the leap and just do it. My husband had very little qualms about this and is coming along for the ride, yea!  We decided to write out a list of the basic research that needed to be done and we’ve been holding bimonthly meetings to keep ourselves accountable making sure we are moving forward with our families new journey.

Our initial list was/is:

-Telecommute jobs
-Current finances
-Future finances
-My biz future
-Family cabin
-Selling house – painting
-Selling stuff
-Drives license
-State of residency
-Travel plan
-ETD strategy
-Telling the kids
-Wifi – Ranger/phones

Each week we would assign each other a topic according to priority and report back our findings at the next meeting. The list has really extended because we have now turned this meeting into a weekly thing and it’s more of a checking in and making sure our family is just on track in general as well as accomplishing our goals with launching into full-time status.

My husband currently has a fulltime job and works long odd hours and his main topic of priority was finding a job he could do remotely. He is a manager at a restaurant so not ideal for traveling! After he researched the possibilities he decided that learning to do computer coding would be his best option for a new career that would allow him the freedom to work his own hours from anywhere. A friends husband was very generous to lead him in the right direction and give him a list of resources on how he could do this training all on line for free. He dove in and 6 months later he is wrapping up this new education and will be making the switch into this new career.

Since I stay home, although I homeschool our kids and own a biz I still have a bit more free time to get on a computer than him and was in charge of a lot of the basic research about RVs and Full-timing in general. One of the first thing I did was find a few Facebook groups who were of like mind, RVing!  The group Fulltime Families has been such a blessing. I can find out more info and faster posting a question about anything from RV’s to truck towing specs or how to store your shoes than I could by Googling it! My business I can do on the road because I sell online and can ship from anywhere so my biz focus was about how to increase sales before we launch.

Our research is wrapping up and we’ve turned a corner because of my hubs is about to start this new career and our house is just about ready to put on the market. I’ll back track in the future posts to touch on more of what we’ve gone through the past 6 months. I know when we were going through it I found it helpful to hear what others were struggling with and how they are making  decisions about their adventure. I’m very excited about how close we are to launching and can’t wait to actually be blogging about our travels from our RV. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future weekly posts.

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